Willy's Butcher Shop bacon

At Willy’s Butcher Shop, we trust only the best farms to bring you heritage organic pork. These special breeds are born and raised on small, self-sustaining farms that practice full circle farming. There, they are fed organic feed that is grown on the farm as well and allowed to roam free. The best part? Our pork contains no growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Willy’s Butcher Shop is proud to offer organic Berkshire pork bacon, handmade by our master butcher using his own recipes. Seriously, this bacon made us famous. First, Willy cures the pork belly in his secret recipe. Then, the belly is smoked in small batches until perfectly flavorful. We hand-slice all cuts of bacon and offer shingle packaging for convenient storage at home. And if you ever tire of our original recipe, Willy is always experimenting with new flavors. Here are some of the options we currently offer:

Maplewood Bacon

Cherrywood Bacon

Pecanwood Bacon

Applewood Bacon

Hickory Bacon

Corn Cobb Bacon