Willy's Butcher Shop beef


Willy’s doesn’t mess around with our beef! We love gourmet beef and we demand the very best for our clients! Willy’s sources only authentic Black Angus Beef that has been bread and raised in America (not Mexico, Canada, or any other country). Our suppliers hand pick their cattle and control its environment to ensure quality. Willy’s product is grass raised and grain finished for the most gourmet of tastes and texture. The grain used for finishing is a high quality, controlled combination including corn that is GMO free! This cattle is never on a feed lot! They are raised free of antibiotics, hormones, growth drugs, and are feed a 100% vegetarian diet. Processing also affects the end product in this process and Willy’s offers beef that is raised and slaughtered humane (as overseen by Dr. Temple Grandin) in only two facilities. It is state of the art humane processing that honors the animal and process.

Grass-Fed Beef Program

Willy’s is very excited to offer 100 percent grass-fed Aberdeen Angus Beef raised in a humane environment developed by Dr. Temple Grandin. This special beef is fed natural grass and legumes, free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, animal by-products, and artificial ingredients. They roam through open pasture on a farm that follows regenerative agriculture practices and they are never shipped to feedlots. And unlike most grass-fed beef, ours is USDA-graded and always falls above or at choice as defined by Dr. Allen Williams.

Wagyu & Kobe Beef

Willy’s Butcher Shop is proud to offer American Wagyu Beef at our shop! American Wagyu is beef a particular breed of cattle raised in a specific way to produce the most phenomenal and unique beef. In 1970, the first Japanese Wagyu cattle were imported to America and cross-bred exclusively with the finest Black Angus cattle. To qualify as American Wagyu, the cattle bred must be at least 50% Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, or Japanese Shorthorn and at most 50% Black Angus. Willy’s carries only the finest American Wagyu that meets or exceeds this standard. After genetics, the way the cattle is raised is next important in order to obtain the fine texture and flavor of American Wagyu. These cattle are raised with attention to their work load and their diet in order to produce a fine product. You will notice that the meat is highly marbled with evenly distributed UNSATURATED fat. This unsaturated fat results in an extremely pleasing “mouth feel” because it melts at very low temperatures (like the temperature of your mouth) and quickly imparts a buttery and nutty flavor.

Japanese A5 Kobe

Willy’s can also supply authentic Japanese A5 Kobe upon request.

Dry-Aged Beef

Willy’s Butcher Shop offers the finest selection of dry-aged beef and meats. We use a non-chemical, old-world process to naturally tenderize and enhance the flavor of primal meat cuts. This process breaks down the meat fibers while infusing them with a beautiful oak flavor. Lined with hand-hewn red oak lumber, our dry aging room is the only one of its kind in the Southeast. We procure the top eight percent of quality meat in the country to fill this climate-controlled room.

Some of our most popular dry-aged products include:

Boneless and Bone-In Ribeye

Boneless and Bone-In NY Strip


Pork Rib Chops


Lamb Cuts