Artisan Burgers

Artisan Burgers

Willy's Butcher Shop beef

With a passion for quality ingredients and the professional training of a chef, our master butcher has perfected the art of burger blends. Whether you plan to grill them on a weeknight, at a tailgate, or for a fancy family gathering, these gourmet burger flavors are sure to impress:

The Willy Burger: Made with a combination of tenderloin and chuck roast, then packed with provolone cheese, roasted garlic, and caramelized onion reduced in Cabernet wine, this is the burger that made us famous. Dress it with nothing but mustard or ketchup, if you must!

Wagyu Burger: Made from juicy Wagyu beef, these burgers were intentionally kept simple so the exquisite taste of the beef shines through.

Brisket Burger: Thanks to its fine brisket cut, this burger is bursting with a buttery taste and texture. Trust us – this baby is almost impossible to dry out!

Short-Rib Burger: Calling all steak lovers! This is the burger for you. Made with short rib meat, this blend imparts a rich, deep flavor.

Bison Burger: Bison brisket is the star of this fantastic beef alternative. Easy on the heart and waistline, what’s not to love about this burger?

Elk Burger: Wild game enthusiasts will love sinking their teeth into this elk burger blend.